Erewash Voluntary Action Small Grants Scheme
Small grants are available through the Erewash Small Grants Scheme for local Erewash community and voluntary groups.  Groups can apply for up to £1,500 as long as projects meet at least one of the health priorities of the scheme.  The aim of the grant is to help improve services and opportunities for local people. Funding can help support things like equipment, events, activities and guest speakers.
Applications can be made at any time using the grant application form. Applicants are encouraged to apply as there is funding in this grant aid scheme.
For further details contact Catriona Paterson Development Worker at Erewash Voluntary Action or telephone 0115 9466740.
Erewash Voluntary Action manages the small grants scheme in partnership with Erewash Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council Adult Care.
Erewash Borough Council – Community Grant Scheme
Subject to funding remaining available, details of further funding rounds will be made available by the Borough Council
For further information contact Colin Handley Community Engagement Officer Telephone 0115 9072244 ext. 3575 or email
Erewash Borough Council – Members Scheme
For the 2017-18 financial year each Erewash councillor has £500.00 to award to organisations within their ward. It is for each councillor to determine which project(s) or organisation(s) they wish to support. The scheme allows a wide degree of flexibility in the type of project a councillor may support and the amount (minimum £50) they wish to allocate, subject to approval.
For more information about the scheme contact Colin Handley -
Foundation Derbyshire
Foundation Derbyshire offers a wide range of funding programmes with most grants up to £2,000.  Grants are available for voluntary and community groups usually for a 12 month period.
For further information:
Contact the grants team 01773 525860 or email:
Building Connections Fund
Charities and community groups will get £20 million of new funding to help isolated people and those suffering from loneliness.  The funding will go to support and expand programmes that bring people together and are proving to benefit communities.   This includes a new £11 million ‘Building Connections Fund’ that will be distributed to successful applicants that can help bring communities together.
The aim is to make the most of local spaces, opening them up for community use, as well as helping businesses and local services combat isolation. It will also fund projects that use technology to link those in remote areas and help improve transport connections to make face-to-face contact easier.
It will support groups to understand the impact of their work and share best practice about how to prevent loneliness.
The fund has been created as a partnership between the Big Lottery Fund and the government - who have equally pledged £5 million - and the Co-op Foundation, who have allocated £1 million to tackle loneliness among young people.
In addition to this new fund, People’s Postcode Lottery has committed £5 million of player’s money to top up existing grants it has given to charities that combat loneliness.
The Health Lottery will give out £4 million to charities that work to improve social links in disadvantaged areas across England.
Funding applications for the Building Connections Fund will close on 24 August 2018 with grants available until the end of December 2020.
Youth Strand
There will be a Youth Strand made up of £2 million which will be distributed by the Co-op Foundation making grants of up to £80,000.  This will open in August.  The fund will be open to organisations with existing youth focused activities that could be effective at helping young people avoid long-term loneliness.
People’s Postcode Lottery
Between 1 August and 15 August charities and community groups can apply for grants of between £500 and £20,000 from the fund.  Funding is available through three trusts which focus on different areas:
·       Projects promoting human rights, employability and combatting poverty
·       Initiatives that benefit communities through the delivery of grass roots health and wellbeing programmes
·       Biodiversity and outdoor spaces
Closing date – 15 August 2018
For more information -
NHS – Community Grants 2018
NHS England will be awarding grants of up to £2,500 to a number of projects that showcase good practice around patient and citizen involvement in healthcare.  Applicants nee to demonstrate how patients have been involved in a healthcare project and how you will use the grant to share and showcase your work in a creative way.
Grants will only be awarded to voluntary organisations.
The application deadline is 20 September 2018
Home Office – Children Affected by Domestic Abuse Fund
As part of the Government’s commitment to tackling domestic abuse, £8 million of funding has been committed (from April 2018 - March 2020) to interventions designed to support children who are exposed to domestic abuse.
Around 20% of young people in the UK have been exposed to domestic abuse and domestic abuse is a factor in 50% of social worker assessments of children in need, over half of serious case reviews and two-thirds of child contact applications.
Studies indicate that one in five children live with domestic abuse and that children exposed to parental violence are almost three times more likely to experience violence in their own adult relationships. They are at greater risk of substance abuse, juvenile pregnancy and criminal behaviour than those raised in homes without violence. 52% of children who witnessed domestic abuse experienced behavioural problems and issues with social development and relationships (Safelives).
The fund is looking to award a total of £8 million over the next two financial years (2018 – 2020) to organisations in England and Wales delivering interventions designed to support children who are exposed to domestic abuse.
Justice and Equality Fund
Grants of up to £25,000 available through the Justice and Equality Fund’s ‘Now’s the Time’ small grants programme.
Now’s the Time is the second programme from the Justice and Equality Fund managed by Rosa. The programme aims to amplify the voices of individuals and groups who are calling for an end to sexual harassment and abuse, in their workplaces and in their communities.
The Justice and Equality Fund aims to bring an end to the culture of harassment, abuse and impunity by resourcing an expert network of advice, support and advocacy organisations and projects.  Inspired by the phenomenal campaigners of #metoo, TIME’s UP, Ni Nunca Mas, the #lifeinleggings movements and others, a group of UK-based women from the entertainment industry have come together to challenge the culture that permits people in positions of power to sexually harass and abuse others.
The fund will want to resource imaginative, collaborative and creative grassroots activism organisations are asked to apply by answering the question: What would you do towards ending sexual harassment (in work places and in communities)? 
Areas that the fund will support: 
·       Prevention work
·       Awareness raising activities
·       Imaginative and creative grassroots activism
·       Influencing work
·       Work with groups and communities who might face additional barriers to getting their voices heard, or might be at higher risk of sexual harassment and abuse to amplify those voices
·       Work that tries out new ideas
·       Work that replicates tried and tested approaches in new settings
·       Work that others can learn from
The fund is keen to see cross-sector partnerships where the expertise of specialist voluntary sector organisations at the forefront of this work is shared with others to help drive broader change.
It is important to read the programme guidance and application guidance as both go into further detail about the criteria for applying along with the aims and deadlines for the programme.
You must then complete a short online application form and submit a three minute video answering the following questions :
·       What does your organisation do?
·       What does your organisation want to do, where and when?
·       How will this contribute to ending sexual harassment?
·       What difference will it make and why are you the best organisation to make it happen?
·       How will you spend your grant?
The closing date is Friday 28 September at 5pm.  Outcomes in early December 2018.
Further information contact or
The GSK Impact Awards
The GSK IMPACT Awards provide funding and training and development for charities doing excellent work to improve people's health and wellbeing. They are funded by GSK and managed in partnership with The King's Fund. The awards are open to registered charities that are at least three years old, working in a health-related field in the UK, with a total annual income of between £80,000 and £2.5 million. 
Up to ten winners will receive £30,000, with one overall winner receiving £40,000
• Up to ten runners-up will receive £3,000
• The awards are designed to recognise success and achievements for existing work so you do not have to present a new project
• Each winning organisation is offered leadership training and invited to take part in a programme of development activities
The deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 20 September 2018.
Gem Radio – Cash For Kids
Too many children across the East Midlands aren't having the childhood they deserve.
They could be subject to neglect or abuse, living in poverty or with an illness or disability. Gem's Cash for Kids hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of these children.
Grants will be awarded to families, community projects and other small charities who support these children, and applications are open now.
Consideration for grants will only be given to those who help children up to the age of 18, who match our eligibility criteria and live within the Gem broadcast area.
Applications are open until midnight on Sunday 19th August 2018 contact successful applicants will be contacted from 10th September 2018 onwards.
This grant round we would encourage grant applications up to a maximum of £1,500 per application.
Lloyds Bank Foundation
There are two grant programmes, one for core costs and one for developing your charity. You can apply for either programme, but not both.
The Invest grants provide long-term funding for the day-to-day running charity (core costs), and/or the direct delivery of a charity’s work.
A minimum of £30,000 to a maximum of £100,000, delivered across three years. There is also the opportunity for continuation funding, so a charity could be funded by our Invest grant for up to six years in total.
You can apply for either a core costs grant or a project costs grant.
If you are applying for a core costs grant then you will be able to use the funding to cover any of your charity’s core or delivery costs. Be aware that if you are applying for core cost funding, we’ll ask you to demonstrate that the majority of your charity’s work (more than 50% of your work and expenditure) meets the eligibility criteria.
If you are applying for project costs you will be able to apply for the direct delivery costs of the project. You will only be able to apply for the core costs associated directly with delivering the project.
Enable grants are awarded to charities which have identified clear development needs, and provide a great opportunity to strengthen charities to deliver more effectively.
Through Enable grants there are funding opportunities for charities to develop, or trial new approaches to service delivery, so charities can become more effective.  Improve a charity’s capability in areas such as business development and planning, monitoring, leadership and governance and communications; an Enable grant could put a charity in a stronger position to deliver services and attract more volunteers, funding and support.
Enable can provide up to a total of £15,000 across one or two years
Enable grants fund activities related to the development and improvement of a charity’s capability. Examples include:
  • Pilot initiatives, to trial new ways of delivering programmes
  • Strengthening monitoring systems
  • Creating stronger business plans and service development plans
  • Improving charity’s marketing and communications
  • Investigating mergers, partnerships, shared services and contracts
  • Developing new streams of income and enterprise
  • Expanding charity’s capacity to reach new audiences and recruit volunteers
  • Improving structures and systems, for example in finance, HR, risk management and volunteer management
  • Quality standards
Enable grants are awarded to charities that meet the eligibility criteria and have identified clear development areas which will support their growth. The costs covered by Enable grants must be additional to those you would already incur through your charity’s regular activities; they are not awarded for core costs or direct delivery costs.
Enable will re-open under new guidelines on 28 August 2018
Invest:  applications are invited at set stages each year.
Derbyshire County Council – Action Grants
Derbyshire County Council have launched a new grant scheme called Action Grants for groups, clubs, local authorities, local charities and other non-profit organisations working in communities.  There are grants themes and these include:
·       Youth activity
·       Community Safety
·       Community Activity
·       Physical Activity and Sport
The Action Grants programme will run for a period of two years from May 2018 until the end of May 2020.  There are three levels of funding across the four themes:
·       Small Grants up to £500
·       Medium Grants up to £5,000
·       Large Grants up to £10,000
There is an application form which needs to be completed.  Applications for small grants will be sorted quarterly, medium and large grants can be applied for annually.
The next date for small applications is 20 September 2018
Tesco Bags of Help Scheme
Tesco is required by law to charge a minimum of 5p for every single-use carrier bag used by a customer. Proceeds generated from the sales of the bags will be given to good causes.
Groundwork have been working with Tesco in order to help get funding for local green space projects. All the money raised is from the carrier bag levy and Tesco stores are being used to fund thousands of community projects across the UK. The projects must meet the criteria of promoting community participation in the development of outdoor spaces.
Three projects in each region will be shortlisted to go forward to a public vote in each of the Tesco regions every month.  The projects will be awarded a grant based upon the number of votes received: first place receives up to £5,000, second place up to £2,000 and third place up to £1,000.
All projects must deliver a physical environmental improvement and/or encourage use and long term sustainability of outdoor spaces.
Grants will be awarded to voluntary or community organisations schools, health bodies, Parish/Town Councils, local authorities and social housing providers.
For any further details please contact:
Catriona Paterson – Development Worker
Erewash Voluntary Action
Granville Centre
Granville Avenue
Long Eaton
NG10 4HD
Tel: 0115 9466740