Thursday, 13 February 2020

Derbyshire County Council survey for funding of infrastructure funding


Dear All,

We are sending you this consultation and asking you to support us by filling out the online questionnaire (link below).

Erewash Voluntary Action is your local Infrastructure organisation that will be affected by this consultation. We would urge you to inform them of the value we provide in supporting groups through provision of one-to one support for groups, volunteer brokerage, forums where people can come and find out what’s happening and to share good practice,  and projects such as Home From Hospital, Befriending (currently on hold but also being reviewed later in the year), Shopping Project, Room hire  Social Prescribing, Erewash Mental Health  Partnership, Derbyshire Mental Health Forum and Social Connectedness  to name a few.  This vital Core funding helps to ensure that the organisation has the foundations to provide these much needed  services to our community.

We understand the need for a fair distribution of funding  across the county but this cut would see a £31,000 reduction in funding to Erewash Voluntary Action.  

This consultation is now live for a twelve week period.

I urge you to take part and help us to prove that you value the work we undertake.

For more information on the impact for Erewash contact: Stella Scott Chief Executive    Tel: 0115 9466740

Press Release from DCC

We launched the consultation into funding for local voluntary and community sector (VCS) infrastructure organisations with a view to developing a fairer more consistent way of allocating money to support our ambitions and priorities.

We've already met with the infrastructure groups – umbrella organisations which offer information, support, guidance, training and funding advice to the local charitable sector – as well as health partners and district and borough councils, to develop future funding principles based on:

  • fairness and consistency
  • outcomes (measurable achievements)
  • long term sustainability

We now want as many people as possible across the county to take part in the consultation and give their views.

Our Cabinet Member for Health and Communities Councillor Carol Hart said:

“We’ve already been out talking to infrastructure organisations to find out what they need from us to carry out their work in a sustainable way. Based on their feedback, we’ve come up with some ideas and we’d now like to hear from as many people as possible on what they think of our proposals.”

We give grants of more than £3 million a year to local voluntary and charity groups carrying out valuable work for Derbyshire residents. A proportion of the funding supports the infrastructure organisations – often local council for voluntary service (CVS) groups.

The new proposals could see grants given out over 4 years instead of one, distributed along borough and district boundary lines and key performance indicators introduced.

Councillor Hart added:

“The way we fund organisations has developed organically over time which has led to a fragmented approach. By developing a new funding framework, the community and voluntary sector will have a better idea of what we expect from our funding.

“The sector is also asking us to look at providing funding over the longer term to give it stability.

“As an Enterprising Council one of our key priorities is to create empowered and self-sufficient local communities. Supporting the voluntary and community sector to grow and thrive is central to achieving this.”

A report on the outcome of the consultation is due back before Cabinet in the summer.

Her is a link to the survey and more on the consultation.

if you would like help in completing this questionnaire then please call into the office on Granville Ave and one of us will help you.


Thank you for your support
Stella Scott
Chief Executive Officer