Thursday, 3 October 2019

Derbyshire Mental Health Forum set to join with Erewash Voluntary Action

Derbyshire Mental Health Forum set to join with Erewash Voluntary Action

25 September 2019


We are very pleased to announce that Derbyshire Mental Health Forum is now in an advanced stage in the process to becoming part of Erewash Voluntary Action CVS. 


Derbyshire Mental Health Forum has delivered the Voluntary Sector Liaison Service between commissioners, other statutory stakeholders and the mental health voluntary sector across Southern Derbyshire for over eighteen years. They represent the sector, support organisations to develop and bring together voluntary and statutory providers to jointly plan and develop services that meet the needs of people who have mental health problems.


Erewash Voluntary Action is a Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee created in 1998.  They offer traditional CVS/Volunteer Centre functions. For the last four years they have delivered the Erewash Mental Health Partnership working very closely with Derbyshire Mental Health Forum. They offer a wide range of services/projects including Social Connectedness, helping to reduce loneliness and isolation in the Erewash Area.  They work  closely with Derbyshire-wide organisations to ensure that wider knowledge is gained and are a member of the Future in Mind board for Derby and Derbyshire. 


The two organisations have worked together previously on the Erewash Mental Health partnership,  representing the sector at 3D and in the STP mental health work streams.


In challenging times for infrastructure services, it has become obvious that the two organisations share an ethos and ideal around the way people with mental health problems deserve to be treated in society and the type of support organisations need in order to be able to deliver this effectively.


Together, both organisations are now going through the due diligence process, and with the approval of both Boards of Trustees, plan to merge in November this year, with Erewash Voluntary Action becoming the managing organisation for the Forum.


For their customers, Derbyshire Mental Health Forum will function as before, with the same well-known branding and outward facing presence that we currently all recognise. In particular, Forum meetings, Forum News and the representation work within the mental health STP for Joined Up Care Derbyshire will continue. However, by becoming part of Erewash Voluntary Action, both organisations become stronger together in terms of cost-effectiveness and the ability to deliver in the increasingly more challenging market place of infrastructure provision.


The merger will not only cement the future of Derbyshire Mental Health Forum, but will ensure that they are able to grow and respond to opportunities to deliver more support to the mental health voluntary sector within the wider scope of local infrastructure provision.


This is a really exciting development for both organisations.


If you have any questions, please contact Angela Kerry at Derbyshire Mental Health Forum on 01773 599995 or email: or Stella Scott at Erewash Voluntary Action on 0115 946 6740 or email: