Community Connectors


People of Erewash connecting with other local people, activities, groups and services.


Community Connectors are local people who will use their local knowledge and involvement to connect people of Erewash to other local people, services, activities and groups. We recognise local people living and working in Erewash know the community better than we do, and are the best people to help others.

A network of Community Connectors will be led by the people of Erewash, adopting a person-centred approach to improving health and wellbeing.

They will identify strengths, potentials and opportunities (assets) that already exist in the local community. By gathering the views of local people, they will establish what is important to people in their community, identify changes they would like to see and what would help to make those changes. This approach will empower local people by encouraging them to use the skills, knowledge and interests they already have and engage in the community. Existing connections will be further strengthen across Erewash by identifying and working with groups, forums or organisations we don’t already have links to.  


The Erewash Voluntary Action Development Worker will support Community Connectors who want to enhance and strengthen their involvement in their community.  Connectors may be actively involved in a local group, regularly come into contact with local people or may already be supporting others and linking them to resources of some kind. They gather and share information on services and support within Erewash, and link people to existing groups, assistance and support. 

 Community Connectors will receive regular ongoing support from the Community Connectors Development Worker. Frequent one to ones and peer support meetings will be arranged, in addition to social events and access to a secure social media forum. They will receive training to enhance their existing knowledge and develop new skills. Agreed out of pocket expenses will also be paid.


If you would like to know more about Community Connectors or would like to get involved please contact 

   Tel: 0115 9466740