Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Invite to Stroke Association - Know Your Blood Pressure / Wellbeing Event on Tuesday 5th September (1pm-4pm)

Know Your Blood Pressure / Wellbeing Event

High blood pressure contributes to over 50% of strokes,

but often has no symptoms and can affect any one at any age.
Get yours checked for free

Erewash Voluntary Action, Long Eaton,
NG10 4HD

Tuesday, September 5th
1pm - 4pm

As part of a Know Your Blood Pressure event, we offer free blood pressure checks and general information/publications around reducing the risk of stroke/stroke prevention advice and materials. We will also have some general information around health and wellbeing and be happy to support/signpost anyone who may have any questions in relation to this. It is also an opportunity to find out about the work of the Stroke Association, including getting involved in volunteering, raising awareness, campaigning etc. So if you have anyone interested in these areas please send them along.